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Thursday, December 31, 2020


There sure is much to ponder these days... 

And it's making me... angry... hungry... hangry!
Hmm... Maybe some soothing music will help...?

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Hmm... I'll keep on adding playlists here,
no matter what -
*one* of them is bound to be playable,
sooner or later,
surely, eh?

Ah - see?


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Monday, October 08, 2018

Hmm... How Come I Forgot All THAT?!?

Never mind that Asinine Americans forgot aaaaaaall about it - never mind it is said to be ''What History Forgot'' --- I, the Luminous Pundit should not have... normally would not have... simply ''forgotten'' anything - anything at all - just like... that! Naaaahh...!

Granted, I do have much more on my mind than just the less-than-300 years-old INFANT HISTORY of ''America'' --- I have TRUE HISTORY on my mind - always! The rich, millennia-old history of Europa --- all the way back to ancient history, ancient civilizations --- Atlantis!

And more... much more!

It is understandable, therefore, that one such as I -with a myriad of higher interests, facts and traditions to keep in mind, always- would tend to... forget certain mere... footnotes, or anecdotes of history - especially as it pertains to American history! That's what guys such as this AHC guy here (teacher for 18 years - isn't it at least twenty, by now? Duh!) are there for: bring to light (though not necessarily a luminous thing, y'know...) the forgotten tiny, weeny little details of ''official'' history, what is deemed to be ''canon'' if you will - by both the establishment as the brainless masses that are being inculcated with it all, there - in the purported-to-be ''great'' U.S. of A...!

Now, don't get us wrong here: 
we absolutely love what whatsisname is doing there! 
And this network - AHC - and its core programming 
is, just about, a gazillion times superior to 
The History Channel and its poor, pathetic, 
Canadian counterparts: History Television 
and ''Historia''... duh! 
Heck, we are even ready to state that AHC 
is better than our own put-together playlist 
that we could only call ''Historia - Hélas!'' 
just to re-appropriate the Portuguese word stolen 
by Bédard and Co - those bastards du Culbec 
but that is another sordid bit of history right there... 
(Aye, it is fine collection of documentaries, well assembled; 
put together with meticulous, luminous attention, as we always do 
-you know it- but handicapped by several things at once, 
of course: the fact that one lacks absolute control 
over the content - that it is prone to vanish 
at the first hint of a copyright claim, 
this despite all the FAIR USE disclaimers 
one can add, everywhere... 
Plus the overall damned conditions 
surrounding YouTube itself - 
a damn catch-22 right there! 

You can watch the first 200 videos 
(give or take a few dozens or so) 
right here, on the screen below: 

No, it's not ''About A Gurl'' - nor is it the Gurl's fault... 
But, dammit - couldn't she have uploaded part two as well?!? 

But all this to say, though... 
It is not just to contradict Joe, 
but there really is no reason to think 
that there is so much hidden greatness 
in the history of the USA... yo! 

especially today: on Columbus Day! 

(another sad excuse for Americans, 
brave, bold or just plain dumb- 
to miss work, be lazy, drink beer 
and go crazy - without much of a cause 
or reason to, really!) 

For, once again and for the umpteenth time, 

As it is made amply clear by the following 
(meme, I guess it is...?) 
(does it qualify as such, internet DUDS?) 
(You know what... 
it doesn't matter what you think!!!) 

The preceding was made to circumvent 
-and bypass with style... and luminescence- 
that obtuse limitation that still exists 
on Twitter - despite what they had said 
quite a while ago too...! 

Hope you enjoyed it! 

... and if you didn't 
- see if I care! 

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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Hmm... Bastille Day, Eh?

La prise de la Bastille... 
La Révolution! 
A great day to celebrate... hein? 
Vous pensez ça, vraiment... les Français? 


Certainly not when one remembers 
what truly transpired on that day...

And, when you truly think about it, 
what was obtained that day? 
Égalité? HA! PAS DU TOUT! 
Don't make me laugh!!! 
Maudits Français - hypocrites!! 
Tous des têtes de Macrons - va! 
Forget your old adage/maxime/slogan...

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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Hmm... World Goth Day?

... I mean, REALLY? 
Everything under the sun, 
everyone and their most distant cousin;   
ALL seem to have "their day" set in stone 
--- i.e. on the social calendar, these days... 

Haven't we gone too far now... Hmm? 

For the record -and right off the bat- 
the only "goths" that we will ever acknowledge 
in these luminous parts here
are the Visigoths and the Ostrogoths 
--- capisce? 
(This in spite of what they did to ROMA! 
A barbaric twist on Veni, Vedi... Vinci, eh? 
Well - we forgive... but we don't forget! 
Don Luciano will *never* forget...!!! 
But... Hmm... that is another story.) 

Modern Goths are... 
just not the same thing at all. 

Whereas the Ostrogoth was rough and tough 
(to the point of fighting off its brother barbarians!)  
the Metrogoth (my invention - adore it) is weak. 
Extremely weak, actually! 
Goes well with its extreme pale complexion... 
No fighting spirit here - only weird tastes... 
Morbid. Bizarre. With the music to match! 
To (over)compensate, the Metrogoth 
(so named because... well... it is an 
almost exclusively metropolitan creature - 
and it is often seen commuting, too!  
But do I truly need to explain everything?!?) 
or "Modern Goth" if you will 
(but you really should not will it) 
imagines itself to be mystically empowered - 
it usually takes the form of a 
vaguely-romanticized, atrociously eroticized 
nearly ethereal yet very much in pain 
(life is pain - remember? Duh.) 
bloodsucking vampire. 

Visigoths were wiser than that!!! 
Brainier (which, for barbarians, is quite the feat) 
and brawnier as well...!!! 
They lived, pillaged, raped and died 
with reckless abandon - and without thinking 
for a second that they might "live forever" either! 
They would have pummeled the modern Metrogoths 
to several bloody pulps - time and again! 
It goes doubly so for the Ostrogoths! 
The Metrogoths are "goths" in name only... 


It is, of course, absolutely on purpose that I chose to 
completely ignore the Gothic origins here... 


We can probably blame this offshoot underground 
mutation of a certain percentage of society 
on The Stoker - again! 
Bram and his psychedelic fantasy weaved around 
the very real historical figure of Vlad Tepes 
has generated countless deviations, over time... 
A very short time, in fact...! 
He was undeniably the stoker of a flame 
- a flame that has become a blaze now 
with many nascent fires coming about, 
here and there - and then it all comes 
from the one, the only Inferno...! 


Damn that Stoker of Fires...!!! 

As if a medieval ruler with a proclivity to impaling his foes 
and several bloodthirsty barbarians running roughshod 
over silly little empires that fashioned themselves eternal 
--- but were clearly not, at all --- 
as if such historically-accurate ruffians 
were not enough to horrify the masses... 
BRAM and his ilk had to imagine 
much, MUCH worse --- the stuff of nightmares, truly! 
And that, in turn, to the dismay of the casual observer 
who watched on with horror indeed 
as the revolting developments occurred, one after the other, 
that sickening stuff (sickening enough to begin with!) 
begat a 1001 other things that have deviated 
millions upon millions from... The Light! 

Because they actually prefer... the darkness!!!

Poor, sad neanderthals... far worse than a visigoth, you see? 

They have got to be *sick in the head* as someone I know would say 
in order to consciously make such an absurd choice...! 
And yet - they exist, hence they have made such a horrible choice. 
So many sub-cultures are, in fact, thriving, 
squirming about in the night 

It runs the gamut from the bloodletting 
wanna-be vampires out there... 

... now, they may not look like it just like that,  
but those are the harmless ones, in truth! 

... to the borderline cross-dressers 
with very strange taste in music: 

All right, all right, all right... 
Got a little carried away there - JUST a little! 


... but never mind that now... 

I once knew a Goth... named Hughes. 
Ugh! No - not "ugh" - Hughes! 
What a weirdo... I tell ya! 
His favorite watering hole: the Piranha! 
His favorite past-time: dressing up 
like Dracula - or what he imagines Dracula was! 
His favorite game to play with the girlfriend? 
Hmm... Let's not get into that...! 
Yet an umpteenth deviation stemming from 
the original stoking of the flames there... 

... NOT the kind of KINK that I was alluding to there... 

...but never mind that sordid stuff anyways - either! 


And what better way to wrap everything up here 
than rounding up all the usual suspects 
(as we simply love to do - you know it)  
in an attempt to beset the plague, 
extirpate by exposing the bad weed 
and circumvent any further propagation... 

Hmm... Worry not, we are not so deluded 
as to think a single man -or single blog- 
could possibly ever be able to...! 

We can round them up, though - 
that we sure can do! 

Et les voici... And here they are... 
(as seen on Twitter)

I am absolutely certain that the odd ones 
over at the United Kingdom of Englandshire agree that 
... this guy and this gal should meet...

... this World Goth Day didn't fall on a Wednesday this year; 
eh? Too darn bad...! It had #WCW written all over it...! 


Aye, ultimately... it does fill my heart with sorrow. 
Aye, it really does. 
For the *metrogoth* is but the saddest of 
night creatures --- 
they put on a brave face, especially on the 22nd of May, 
but deep inside their dark hearts... there is loneliness. 
Anguish. Sullenness. Fear of rejection - or, 
worse yet, of contempt. 
They fight all those feelings off with this front 
that rejects conformity and embraces oddness. 
Yet all they truly want is acceptance... 

It is all very... sad. Aye, it is. 

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